Family ties,
creating precious memory

For the important moment in life when two people’s dreams meet.
The one wedding in the world that promises everlasting love.
We will strive to assist our customers in the making of precious memories with our sincere heart and heartfelt service.
A special day when yours’ and your family’s thoughts come together.
This is the day when your new lives begin.
We will act as the bridge that bonds the deepest family ties and vow to create warm happiness.


We have expanded our wedding attire and photographic business domestically and overseas with the corporate management philosophy of "Our objective is to contribute in the realization of wonderful cultural lifestyle and affl uent society through sincere service and resourceful propositions".


Each operation functions as profi t producing departments and is directly reflective of wedding ceremony sales growth. We will answer to various demands regarding Bridal service through combining our group's strengths and provide customers "the best day in their lifetime".


Through the broad global network of 71 facilities in Japan and 23 overseas (as of February 1, 2023), our group prepares the bridal service support system to bring customers' full satisfaction.